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Our first Distribution

A few Sabbaths ago on the 8th of June, we conducted our first distribution up in Nottingham. Bother Lewis Harris who is local to the area invited our Ministry to come up and join them on a distribution.This was a perfect opportunity to conduct our first distribution and it was a rainy day and had been raining all morning but non the less when it came time to go out we made provision to cover the books and equipment and set out. On arriving it was still raining but had subsided and after setting up in a sheltered area we were able to get the audio speaker set up and playing and the distribution commenced. We stared out with 6 of us and in no time another 4 joined us who were passing Adventists who were drawn to our stand. The 200 or so books went out in no time and towards the end we had a brother named Charles wanting to know more about our message who ended up coming back to have dinner with us and joined in on a bible study about Baptism.

All in all, we had a blessed day and thank God for this opportunity to share the Three angels’ messages of Rev 12. Thanks be to God.

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