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Fruitful October Distribution

Gods Final Call Ministries, conducted a fruitful distribution a couple a Sabbath's ago up in Nottingham.

Nottingham seems to be a prime location for distributions for we managed to distribute around 400 books, 800 tracks, 100 eight health law magazines and one bible in around 3 hours.

It was a warm day so there were allot of souls about to witness too.

The distribution started off with us being asked to lower the volume due to a wedding reception that was being conducted in an adjacent building but this non the less did not hamper the distribution.

There were only five of us out on the day along with two youngsters who also helped out.

We had a blind man approach us wanting to know if we had a audio CD which luckily we did and it was good to see the old man's smile on his face when we placed the CD in his hands. Every one seemed to receive a blessing on the day with there being some engaging conversations that where had with interested souls.

We hope to organise another distribution prior Christmas so please watch out for the blog post pertaining to this.

God bless


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