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Sabbath the 20th of June 2020 - First Covid19 Level3 Summer Distribution up in Nottingham Central,

GodsFinalCallMinistries planned a distribution the first Sabbath before the lockdown started but could not distribute due to the lack of feet and with the pandemic just starting it was not possible to go out.

However, thanks to loudCry Ministries announcing that they had hit the high streets the previous Sabbath we decided to also go out for we had the books all packed and ready to go from before the lockdown.

On arrival at the high street, it was looking a bit quiet but things quickly picked up as we started to distribute for the retail shops were now mostly open.

People where open to accepting the books along with our 8 health laws pamphlet, State of the Dead, Sabbath track, and "The Forgotten Dream" DVD that we slipped into the books.

In the end, we gave out around 300 books along with the other literature in a about an hour and a half.

We even had a policeman visit the stand and enquiry what we were up to who left with a smile.

Thanks to Ministry members, Brother Lewis and Brother Jon Jon who were able to assist with the distribution and to the two new members brother Michael and Brother Sam who also greatly assisted in handing out the books and all the other literature.

It was once again a blessing to be out distributing now that things are more relaxed and look forward to another distribution in a few Sabbaths time.

If anyone would like to contact the Ministry, please use the contact form on the bottom of the page and feel free to share this message.

God bless and Maranatha.

A lovely summers day.

Shoppers on the move.

Looking the part to hand out a few Arabic versions of the GC that all went out.

New health banner added to the mix with a back to back Daniel banner on its way.

New members greatly assisted on the day.

Looking the part.

Witnessing to the arm of the law with a surprised onlooker.

Preach brother...

A new member witnessing.

Amazing what happens when the stand is left unattended.

A little boy was asked by his mom to collect a book from the stand.

Looking quite pleased with the book he had received to be taken to his mom.

Feel free to make contact if you would like these branded for your ministry or to simply hand out.

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