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A Mass Distribution in Association with Aberdeen SDA Church

Gods Final Call Ministries (GFCM) were invited via Aberdeen SDA church Scotland to take part in a mass Great Controversy (GC) distribution on Sabbath the 17th August.

Those that came up from England were five team members of GFCM namely Dr Michael Welsh and is son, Brother Felix, Brother Victor and myself. The Tuckey twins were also present along with Sister Lucy Chauraya and the Eccles family. Brother Alfred Eccles and Dr Welsh were part of the platform party who also helped to distribute books.

The service was most enjoyable with some lovely songs and music and one of the best piano pieces I have ever heard was played on the day.

After lunch and before going out, there was an opportunity to address and educate those that were distributing for the first time. We in turn offered a short presentation around the does and don’ts of distributing and how to stay within the law. Once this with completed we headed out to the distribution location which was only +- 5 minutes drive from the church.

There was another brother named Patrick who also participated in the distribution. Patrick has been witnessing up in the Scotland area for many years now and just shows God's providence is working and that he has his workers in many locations. The Aberdeen Church go out on a regular bases with there speakers to sing and to distribute books.

All in all there were 2 bibles, around 550 GC’s that were given out on the day. These all went out in around two hours, including around a 1000 "State of the dead and Sabbath tracks".

We pray that the souls come to read the pages of inspiration and that the reading of even one of the small tracks might via the Holy spirit direct hearts to wanting to know more about Jesus and hopefully lead to read the Great Controversy.

Please look out for more distributions to take place in the coming months while we take advantage of the weather and while the daylight hours are still on our side.

Thanks for all who contributed and made yet another successful distribution possible.

God bless and Maranatha

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