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A blessed distribution in Leicester City Centre

Gods Final Call Ministries had an opportunity to distribute the Great Controversy (GC) in the Leicester City Centre Sabbath on the 17th of October 2020.

We were all richly blessed with many divine appointments while we were out meeting people and distributed around 350 GC's 700 tracks, and 4 bibles. There seemed to be a sense on the streets that something is up due to the current climate that we are in. There was this one old man that stopped and said that things are not what they should be and that there was a feeling of uncertainly at the moment.

On the day there was also an older lady who came up to me to say that she had been looking for a King James Version of the Bible for a while and had been praying about this for she could not find a KJV version anywhere.

We had four KJV bibles on the stand that Sabbath and we only had one bible left. I, in turn, told the lady that if she really wanted the bible then she could have it.

Her face intern lit up and she thanked me profusely, it was a blessing to see how grateful she was before she left.

We were truly blessed on the day, here follows some testimonies from some of the other ministry members who were also out on the day:

Doctor Robert wrote:

There was a married couple I met who were so thrilled when I told them I was a Seventh Day Adventist. (SDA)

They told me that they have been looking for an SDA church to attend in Leicester and couldn’t find one.

They are Sunday keeping Christians and they have become aware of Adventism through watching Walter Veith and are currently following Walters what’s up Prof Series.

They have come to believe that Adventism is the church that follows the bible most closely and now believe that Saturday is the seventh-day Sabbath instituted at creation.

They were also interested in the health message and were asking for information on this.

I took their details and they have asked me to send them materials including the church's details so that they can begin to attend. I was amazed! God is certainly calling his people.

They took five GCs from me to give to their friends who are also searching.

I’m praying that God will guide me on how to help this young family and I pray that their enthusiasm will continue to grow as they learn.

Sister Maria wrote:

Well, Sabbath was a blessed day while being out distributing the books the Great Controversy. I felt that on the day, God sent an angel.

I had the pleasure of meeting many people who were in need of the Holy Spirit.

I met this man, who told me he was a Jehovah witness; he was worried about the coronavirus.

He kept asking me, is this going to finish by December???? I ending explained the situation and gave Jesus Testimony and he looked like he was relaxing about it, but 5 minutes later he asks me about this again.

When we were talking, a woman came along to take a book from my hand, and at that moment, he asks me if I can pray with him, and then the woman joining us in prayer.

I thank God for sending this lady to reinforce this situation, and after the prayer, he left.

Glory to God we were blessed on the day to be able to carry out the work.

Brother Chris wrote:

Last Sabbath was truly a blessing.

I spoke to quite a number of people interested in the truth, who gladly received a GC book and other materials we handed out.

One particular couple (from a Sunday church I believe) seemed very keen in current events and I shared with them how these events are connected to bible prophecy, directing them to study specific chapters in the Great Controversy.

A Sunday keeping pastor took a copy, so let's pray God will open His heart and eyes to receive the truth.

There were several interests and I engaged in quite a few discussions, one of which resulted in exchanging details with an individual who had a few questions and was reluctant to take a GC at first, but was eventually open to the Everlasting Gospel and grabbed a book off one of our young distributors...praise God!

Marie and I also prayed with one lady who was in tears, worried about the future, and her son not believing in Christ.

We gave her the reassurance that God is ultimately in control and as long as she trusts in Him she doesn't need to fear.

Please pray for God’s Final Call Ministries and other ministries that are spreading the truth for this time. 🏾 God Bless

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