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32 Degrees and another good distribution in Nottingham

We had another blessed summer day distribution that took place in Nottingham, this past Sabbath the 29th June.

There were many members from other Nottingham churches who heard about our distribution and who joined in on the day.

There were numerous souls that engaged with us on the day asking questions about doctrinal topics and even had a Sunday keeping pastor form Derby who was most interested in our work. After speaking to him he took a Great Controversy (GC) and other material.

Doctor Welsh ended up walking down to the fountain and preached end time messages there and gave out books and trackes.

We managed to get out around 300 GC's in a matter of an hour and a half along with 600 tracks other booklets and even a few bibles.

Towards the end of the distribution two police officers came walking by and a canvasser gave them a bible, someone else then proceed to run after them to hand them a GC audio CD for at the time all the books were finished.

Thanks to all who contributed books and material and for the Nottingham brothers who supplied the additional distribution equipment and books etc.

Look out for out next distribution in July which will hopefully take place up in Sheffield. (TBA)

God Bless & Maranatha.

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