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Who are we...

We are a self-supporting Christian ministry, dedicated in proclaiming the three angels messages of Revelation 14 and spreading the news of the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
The work is to take this final warning and to spread the three angels messages to the people mainly in the United Kingdom and now recently South Africa. God willing, this work will be done while distributing the book The Great Controversy and other Christian literature. We pray, that this work will be finished, through the guidance of the Lord Jesus Christ and with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. My hope is that we will all be able to overcome, before events that are soon to take place on this earth.

Glory be to God.

The book - The Great Controversy 

About the book

The war between good and evil began long before the dawn of human history. Hatred, disease, violence, and death are the by-products of this conflict, and all of us are affected. We must know the answers to these questions:

  •  Why would a God of love allow sin and suffering?

  •  Will religious and political alliances one day threaten our     freedom?

  •  What role does our nation play in Bible prophecy?

  •  What is the terrorist behind all terrorists? And what is his "mark"?

  •  Who is the anti-christ?

  •  How will evil finally be defeated?

The Great Controversy answers these questions clearly and authoritatively. It contains critical information that you must know. It gives a startling overview of the mighty conflict between Christ and Satan from its origins in heaven thousands of years ago to its conclusion on earth in the days just ahead of us. This still-timely book reveals how God will ultimately rid the universe of evil and make all things new. It covers the last 2,000 years of Christian history and shows how prophecies have been fulfilling. It comes down to the present with chapters about how America fits into Bible prophecy.


Enlightening Resources

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  • Gods Law Immutable & the three angels

  • The book changed someones life, a true story

  • Additional short stories that will inspire

  • EG White the author

  • Bible study and quizz

  • God's Remnant Church 

  • The 7th Day Sabbath

  • Health Resource

As a non-profit organization, GodsFinalCallMinistries relies on donations and support to further God's work.

If you feel lead and wish to donate towards our ministry and its cause, then this would greatly assist in purchasing books and other witnessing material.



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My God Bless and keep you.

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